12th Conference


12th Conference

The 12th Annual Conference of The North American Council of Somali Imams concluded today at Masjid

Abubakar in Minneapolis, MN. Many issues were discussed at the weekend conference which lasted

from September 6th to September 8th. Among the issues discussed were how to progress the work of the

Somali Islamic centers around the nation and how to farther encourage the Somali communities around

the United Stated to hold fast to their religious values.

 1) We urge the Somali people around the globe, especially those in the Diaspora, to fear Allah and

strengthen their unity. Likewise, we urge the Somali people to take means in which to reach

unity and solidarity such: a) resolving conflicts through dialogue b) understanding c) mutual


 2) We urge the Somali people to keep their common interests such as their land, religion, and

safety. We strongly encourage the Somali people to hold firm to The Quran, The Sunnah of The

Messenger (PBUH) and to implement to laws of Islam in both civil and government levels.

 3) We urge the Somali people in the Diaspora, especially those in the United States, to make their

top priorities how to preserve their religion, Islamic customs and their language and to make it a

special responsibility in raising their children and safeguarding them.

 4) We urge the Somali people in the Diaspora to fear Allah and to nurture their homes in

accordance with Islamic values so that their children do not become neglected and fall into the

hands of strangers. Likewise, we urge that parents ease the restrictions on marriage which can

be shield to prevent many problems.

 5) We also urge the youth to fear Allah and stay connected to the scholars and Islamic institutions

while staying away from those who have deviated from the right path like Al-Shabab. We also

urge the youth, males and females, to marry earlier in their youth ages due to the fact that

marriage can protect the individual from certain acts of sin.

 6) We urge the Somali people to stay away from the troubles of tribalism which has been

destroying people and land for well over twenty years. We also urge the leaders, elders, and

Somali citizens to fear Allah in matters concerning their religion and their country and to agree

on the existence of their nation in order not to give any chances to external parties in the

involvement of their country.

 7) We would like to urge the Somali people in feeling the need for funds remittances and their

economical impact on the people.

 8) In conclusion, the Council would like to pray for the Somali people around the globe for Allah to

give them a peaceful land and a just government that implements the laws of Islam and we ask

Allah to unite the hearts of our people.


Sh Abdirahman Sh Omar

Head of The Council

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