Youth and Family


Youth and Family



The Islamic Association of North America is committed to working with member centers and local communities to develop youth programs that enhance the wellbeing of Somali and Muslim youth in America.
IANA conducts training and workshops for local organizations on how to develop youth programs that build the religious knowledge and confidence of the youth. This training includes:

• Creating an Islamic Environment in our centers where the youth feel comfortable and welcome.
• Conducting youth seminars that address contemporary youth Issues
• Conducting training for parents and guardians on youth-related issues.

IANA also holds annual conferences that include youth-specific programs such as youth lectures from known inspirational speakers, inter-youth debates and discussions, Islamic knowledge contests, and sports tournaments.

Most of the centers provide services for our youth such as:

• Sports (Soccer and basketball)
• Friday Halqa
• Classes
• Seminars
• Conferences
• Ma’had (institution)

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