Transition of Power


The riot that occurred yesterday at the U.S. State Capitol was an unfortunate turn of events that took many by surprise. Although tensions were high during such a tense election, no one could predict the chaos that ensued. IANA condemns the actions of those violently protesting. The intention of those protesting yesterday was to disrupt the elections, but the official call was still made. We thank Congress for continuing to call the election and reject the notion of uproar and chaos. We support peaceful protests and positive change for the coming years. This transition might have been rocky thus far, but from now on we hope for a pragmatic switch over. Our diversity and differences are what America is about. The past year has been a tough one for everyone and for this new year, we hope to see healing and progression.


Yesterday, Gov. Tim Walz announced the new COVID restrictions. Restaurants and venues will open on Monday, but only at 50% capacity with no more than six people per table and must be closed by 10 p.m. Museums and like venues will also open at 25% capacity. For those who are excited to get back into the fitness centers during the new year, fitness clubs are open at 25% capacity with all equipment 9 feet apart. Places of worship still operate at 50% of capacity, but now there is no specific number restriction. Social gatherings are the same cap of people from two different households. Walz expressed his concern about how the vaccine is taking a long time to be processed and delivered, but the work has already started. It is vital that Minnesotans keep their masks on, practice social distancing, and take personal responsibility in flattening the curve.

Islamic Association of North America (IANA) was founded in the year of 2001 to meet the religious and social needs of Muslim societies in North America. As a response to the changing realities of Muslim communities, IANA re-positions itself to effectively reach diverse Muslim communities across the country. We are an umbrella organization with over thirty-five centers and organization nationwide.

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