IANA Thanks Muslims Voters for Large Turnout and Congratulates President-elect Biden.

The Islamic Association of North America would like to thank the Muslim community for showing up this election. We as a community made our voices heard loud and clear. Thank you to all the organizations, leaders, and individuals who helped play a big part in this election. 


We give a special thanks to the IANA Civic Engagement, Muslim Coalition, and our youth. We have seen the tireless hours and energy you have both put in the months leading up to the election. From phone banking, registering, and mobilizing Muslim voters during this historic election. We also thank the imams who played a role model by voting and urging the community to do so as well.

 IANA congratulates President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris on their victory. Just because the election is over does not mean our job has finished. We must now urge the incoming administration to put their words into action. Muslim voices must be included in decision making and policies.


Islamic Association of North America (IANA) was founded in the year of 2001 to meet the religious and social needs of Muslim societies in North America. As a response to the changing realities of Muslim communities, IANA re-positions itself to effectively reach diverse Muslim communities across the country. We are an umbrella organization with over thirty-five centers and organizations nationwide.



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