Noncitizens who have had the following status are eligible

Time limits waived for resettlement services
Time limits waived for resettlement services
Because of a temporary policy change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, service providers in Minnesota’s Resettlement Network can now provide help for all people who are not yet citizens and have had a status of refugee, asylee, victim of trafficking, Cuban/Haitian entrant, Amerasian, or have an Afghani or Iraqi special immigrant visa – regardless of when they arrived in the United States.
Minnesota recently received a federal waiver to extend resettlement services to people beyond the normal limit of five years. This waiver increases access for many more immigrants who may have been in the U.S. for a while, but who have not yet become citizens.
Minnesota’s Resettlement Network is comprised of service providers that have various language and cultural expertise and can help people with many things like unemployment applications, applying for food or cash assistance, finding employment, applying for citizenship, connecting to resources, and providing support to families struggling with distance learning.
Call to be connected to an agency that can help:
Twin Cities metropolitan area: 612-465-0596
Northern Minnesota: 218-512-1500
Central Minnesota: 320-455-3001
Southern Minnesota: 507-514-0812 or 507-289-5960 (ext. 119)

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