Welcoming Ramadan! Athaan to be Broadcasted in Minneapolis, MN


We are delighted to announce that as of March 24th, 2022, the athaan (Islamic call to prayer) will be broadcasted throughout the Minneapolis year-round. Minneapolis Ward 6 Council Member Jamal Osman presented a resolution to commemorate Ramadan while working with faith leaders across Minneapolis until it was unanimously passed by the Minneapolis City Council this week.

Our Executive Director was invited to the city council meeting and appreciated the city council members on their work toward this move. Many mosque leaders gathered in Abubakar and Umatul Islam both in Minneapolis to celebrate and discuss this resolution and share this exciting news with the rest of the community.


Ramadan is an extremely important part of our faith as Muslims, it is a month for experiencing community and deepening our connection to Allah. Muslim, Somali, and East African Minnesotans have been a part of the Minnesota for many years and this move highlights the importance of inclusion and that the Muslim faith is accepted and celebrated here. However, there are some limitations with this new resolution. The athaan can only be broadcasted between 7am and 10 pm can must not pass 90 decibels in volume.


We hope that other cities and towns and even states can replicate the decision of the city of Minneapolis. We call Muslim leaders to make sure that they seek the rights of the community.


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