IANA Endorses "Engaging Muslim Students in Public Schools" by Abraham Education


The Islamic Association of North America (IANA) is proud to announce its endorsement of the K-12 educator training program Engaging Muslim Students in Public Schools (EMSIPS) by Abraham Education. This pivotal initiative is a testament to our commitment to enhancing cultural competency with Muslim students and families among educators in public schools across the United States.

Addressing a Long-Standing Need

Developed by Mr. Michael Abraham, EMSIPS has emerged as a crucial resource, addressing the longstanding need within the Muslim community for comprehensive training materials and programming for the educators of their children. It aims to enlighten the public school system and the wider American society about the nuances of Muslim culture, religion, and the unique needs of Muslim students and families. This program is not just educational; it is a bridge towards greater understanding and acceptance in a diverse society.

Program Content and Impact

EMSIPS offers an in-depth exploration of various aspects crucial for educators, such as understanding Islamic beliefs, cultural sensitivities, and effective communication strategies with Muslim families. It also teaches educators how to draw upon Muslim students’ Islamic learning experiences in mosques and at home as a resource to increase their engagement and academic achievement in school. This program’s learning continuum, targeted for non-Muslim educators, is designed to make educators more adept at creating inclusive classroom environments that respect and acknowledge the cultural backgrounds of all students. The program's widespread adoption and impact, having had over 3,000 educators participate in it already from over 150 school districts and organizations across the country, reflect its effectiveness and relevance in today's education landscape.

Positive Reception and Endorsements

The program's positive reception across educational sectors speaks volumes about its success and necessity. Notably, it has received endorsements and has been incorporated into training modules in multiple educational institutions and school districts. For a comprehensive view of its impact, explore the testimonials provided from educators on the website of Abraham Education.

A Step Towards Inclusive Education

In endorsing EMSIPS, IANA urges school leaders, teachers, and educators to embrace this opportunity. Integrating this program into professional development plans is a step towards fostering a more inclusive and respectful educational environment. The benefits extend beyond Muslim students, enriching the educational experience for the entire school community.

We invite educators and institutions to join this transformative journey. Together, let's shape a future where every student, irrespective of their background, is given the opportunity to thrive in a supportive and understanding educational setting.

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